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Blackford County JAG Update

Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Blackford County JAG November & December 2009 Update


The Blackford County JAG Class had a very busy and eventful November and December.  The Blackford JAG program invites you to take a look at all of their exciting program news and accomplishments. 


Guest Speakers


Astronaut Kevin Ford made an exciting visit to the Blackford High School JAG classroom.  The students enjoyed hearing about Kevin's adventures and loved the fact that he was a Blackford High School Graduate.  


Rob Cleveland from the Blackford County Economic Development Corporation discussed the future of Blackford County and answered detailed questions from the concerned students about vacant buildings and the future of the industrial park. 


Community Service


The JAG students spent 28 combined hours in November and 23 in December ringing bells to raise money for the Salvation Army.  This was an excellent experience for the students and a great way to give back to their community.


4 of the Blackford JAG students volunteered 13 hours for the Kiwanis Club at Lucas Oil Stadium concession stands.  It was an extremely long and difficult day but the students were happy to help.


6 of the students also lent a hand to the Republican Party by volunteering 12.5 hours at Lucas Oil Stadium.   The students worked very well as a team to ensure that they provided service with a smile.




Bill Hess- A member on the Blackford County Economic Development Board has been very involved in the JAG program.  He has helped with community service opportunities and is in the process of working with Michelle Bosworth to develop a mentoring program.


Blackford County Economic Development Corporation- JAG students attended and participated in city meetings about budget cuts and taxations.


Youth Economic Development Council- Students met once a month to discuss the economy in Blackford County, the future of the industrial park, and the ultimate goal of bringing new business to Blackford.




All JAG students have been TABE tested & JAG pre-tested.


All seniors have submitted at least 2 college applications and applied for scholarships.


5 JAG seniors have been accepted into college!!!


1 JAG Student has enlisted in the United States Navy!!!


All students have updated resumes and cover letters on Indiana Career Connect (


One JAG student's hard work and dedication turned a paid internship into part-time employment at the Blackford County YMCA.


Mackenzie Jackson
JAG Community Outreach Coordinator
122 East Main Street
Muncie, IN 47305
765-282-6400 ext. 110