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What to Know When Filing for Unemployment Insurance

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Frequently Asked Questions about July 1 changes to Unemployment

Q: How did the work search requirements change as of July 1 for unemployment insurance benefit recipients?

A: All claimants must actively search for work on a weekly basis. This includes applying for one job and looking for work at two other locations per week, except those with work-search waivers.

Q: Do I need to send DWD a copy of the application I submit to a company on a weekly basis?

A: No. Unemployment Insurance benefit recipients only need to list the name and contact information of the company where they applied on their weekly voucher. If a claim is audited, DWD will contact the company directly to verify an application was submitted.

Q: Where do I list the company I applied on my voucher?

Claimants should list the application location first in the list of three companies in their weekly work search.

Q: Can I just send a resume or fill out an application anywhere or do I need to apply for an open position?

A: Unemployment Insurance benefit recipients must apply for one open position per week. Sending a resume or applying at a company that is not currently hiring is not considered applying for work, although it would qualify as one of the claimant's "looking for work" at two additional locations.

Q: Does applying online or mailing a company my resume qualify as applying for a job?

A: Yes, if you are applying for a specific job opening with a company.

Q: I am a union member and participate in a hiring hall. Do I need to apply for work?

A: Membership in a union hiring hall fulfills the work-search requirements, thus these workers do not need to separately apply for one job per week and look for work at two additional locations.

Q: I have been temporarily laid-off and have a specific return to work date; do I need to apply for one job per week?

A: If the lay-off is less than 60 days, you do not need to apply for one job per week or search for work at two additional locations. If the layoff is longer than 60 days, you must complete the weekly application and work-search.

Q: Where can I find open jobs in my area?

A: There are many options for job seekers. The largest listing of available jobs in Indiana is This free service operated by the State of Indiana has thousands of available jobs listed for all regions of the state.

Q: Do I need to post my resume on if I have a work search waiver?

A: No. Unemployment insurance benefit recipients who have a work-search waiver due to a union hiring hall, return to work date less than 60 days, or are in DWD approved training do not need to register or post their resume on